Mouthwash Can Help Fight Against Cavities

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Everyone struggles with bad breath at some point in their lives. Whether through foods like garlic and onions are the cause, or oral health problems are triggering the effect, the truth is we all can use mouthwash at some point. However, did you know it’s important to use each day? Our dentists, Drs. Sefcik, Andrews and Andrews with Denali Dental in Northglenn, Colorado, are happy to talk to you about how mouthwash can help fight cavities.

Not every type of mouthwash can help you with bad breath and cavities. In fact, different mouthwashes do different things. That is why when you are choosing a mouthwash, make sure you select a therapeutic mouthwash if you want to fight against cavities. That is because therapeutic mouthwashes contain ingredients that are known to kill the smelly odors of bacteria and fighting plaque from your teeth.

While cosmetic mouthwashes do contain mints or fresh scents, therapeutic mouthwashes can help fight the trigger to your bad breath rather than only covering it up. Popular ingredients that therapeutic mouthwashes provide include fluoride, germicides, and antibacterial agents, all designed to kill germs and strengthen the health of your teeth.

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