Get a Brilliant Shine With Teeth Whitening

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If you’re looking to enhance your smile, due to discoloration, or from staining from fluorosis, (too much fluoride usage) we can help! We offer teeth whitening in our office that can be done here or be taken home for you to do in your spare time.

At Denali Dental, we offer Zoom. Teeth whitening in Northglenn, Colorado, and would invite you to contact us to see if it’s right for you. Our dentists, Dr. Secik, Andrews and Andrews, will assess your teeth and determine whether you’re a good candidate for Zoom.

There are several benefits to using the system, including:

– Proven effectiveness
– Safe to use
– Fast time to whiten (about 45 minutes to get up to 8 shades whiter)
– Hassle-free application
– Long-lasting solution

Some whitening techniques depend on the state of your teeth. For instance, yellow teeth do best with bleaching, while brown or gray teeth are not as responsive. Also, bleaching is not recommended if you have tooth-colored fillings, crowns, or front teeth bonding. Dental veneers or bonding may be the better treatment in those circumstances.

Some things to be aware of when choosing to whiten your teeth with Zoom. First, you may experience sensitive teeth for a bit after your treatment. If that happens, use a toothpaste, specifically for sensitive teeth. Chewing gum stimulates saliva, which helps distract patients from pain. If after a few treatments, the sensitivity continues, try giving your teeth a break from teeth whitening.

Contact us to learn more and to get a consultation with your dentist for teeth whitening in Northglenn, Colorado. You can reach us at 303-254-4444. We hope to hear from you, and know you can count on our great dental team to ensure your smile is the best possible!